Rise and Grind: How to Wake up Early for Morning Workouts

Okay, here’s the plan: I’m going to wake up at 7, get my gym stuff and head over to train and follow my program tomorrow so that I can get started on a good routine.”

“Maybe I’m setting the alarm too early; I’ll try being more realistic by setting my alarm for eight to get an extra hour of sleep!”

“Looks like nothing’s working; will I ever get to train early?”

If this sounds familiar, then the chances are that you’ve tried far too often to start a good morning workout habit, only to fail miserably because you didn’t get to wake up at the set time.

Waking up early as the sun rises, getting a quick sweat in, and starting your day refreshed is an aspiration that’s more far-fetched than it usually should. Whether you’re a heavy sleeper or your alarm clock’s busted, missing the early morning grind when your mind is set on getting it done can be undoubtedly frustrating. Yet, it isn’t impossible to set up a good habit if you have the right approach in mind.

What’s the hold-up?

Although it seems like being a morning person is the requirement for having the strength and mindset to get up early and put a hard session in, the truth is that getting on track is a matter of preparation.

If you dissect the days where you don’t wake up early, even if you swore you would, you’d most likely notice that you weren’t prepared enough to bust out early and head over to the gym. Preparation is what anyone who regularly works out in the early hours of the morning will fixate on if you asked them about their secret to getting up early!

A few tips to get started

If you’re tired of calling in sick days on your morning workout plans, even if you don’t mean to, then there’s no need to worry because you can always turn things around. Here are two vital pointers that you can use to build the habit you’ve been striving for:

Tip #1: Pack your bag the night before

Although it may not seem like much now, packing your kit the night before you head out to the gym can help shave off the minutes you spend preparing in the morning.

What this essentially entails is that you can spend more time waking yourself up to make the walk or drive to the weight room, making it easier to get up and crush your morning gym session. Additionally, prepping your kit also leaves you with one less excuse not to get up in the morning since all you’ll be thinking about is the time you spent putting your things together!

Tip #2: Stop using your phone an hour before bed

Many aspiring gym-goers end up missing out on the opening moments of their target windows because they had trouble sleeping the night before, causing many to sleep beyond their expected time.

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping at a target time lately to the point where you’re still sleeping long after your alarms set off, then you’ll need to change your bedtime routine by cutting out gadgets completely. By strictly cutting your cell phone use an hour before bed, you can give your body an easier time falling asleep because the blue light exposure will wear off by then!


Getting out of bed early to the gym in the morning might seem like an impossible dream at first because of how much you’ve tried, only to oversleep and wake up long after your set alarm went off. Fortunately, the two tips mentioned above will help you get back on track and make it far more comfortable for you to achieve your gym goals!

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