Maintaining Your Fitness Routine as You Age

Aging is no excuse for neglecting your everyday fitness routine. If there are exciting activities you wish you could do but feel are better left to the younger generation, don’t fret—there are custom fitness programs that can help you develop the skills you want to maintain. To maintain your health and fitness as you celebrate another birthday, follow along with the tips below.

Tip #1 – Practice Resistance Training

Though today’s most popular trend among fitness fanatics is weight training, accompanying your routine with resistance training can serve benefits beyond bulking and achieving your desired physique. Fitness training services that entail lifting weights have been scientifically proven to prevent the natural deterioration of bones over time and protect you from age-related problems such as osteoporosis.

With regular resistance training, you can strengthen muscles around joints that feel like they may be failing you. If you aren’t too keen on hitting the free weights area, you can always turn to the ever-dependable rowing or resistance machines.

Tip #2 – Forego the Fads

If you’ve tried your hand at Keto, Paleo, or Whole30 to no avail, it isn’t because you’re incapable of losing drastic amounts of weight. As you age, your body will need to undergo changes beyond an extreme diet. A simple, whole diet rich in lean proteins, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables trump a fad diet any day. Not to mention, most fad diets are an unhealthy and severe method of losing weight, which can negatively impact your metabolism over time.

Tip #3 – Stay All-Day Active

If you can afford to cycle instead of drive to your daily destinations, finding ways to avoid sitting for extended periods can promote healthy energy and reduce stagnant lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. If you work at a desk, make a conscious effort to remain active throughout the day by taking periodic walks during lunchtime or incorporating exercise into your commute home. If you’re a work-from-home employee, take a few minutes out of your day to do some gardening or walk your pooch.

Tip #4 – Understand Your Limits

Though an occasional trip to your local fitness studio is key to staying physically healthy, listening to your body is the best way to prevent injury. While seniors discovering their love for marathon running or recreational rowing are often awe-inspiring, carefully integrating new activities into your otherwise inactive lifestyle can help your body relearn skills that it previously grew out of.

Tip #5 – Consider the Following Exercises

As you age, your body won’t necessarily be capable of more vigorous exercise such as rock climbing or gymnastics. As such, you can sign up for classes in the following:

  • Yoga and pilates. A low-intensity exercise that incorporates slow movements and challenging positions, you can improve your muscles and flexibility in a gentle manner that doesn’t demand you over-exert your body.
  • Swimming. A zero-impact activity, swimming can help strengthen your joints and prevent conditions such as arthritis. A full-body workout, you can access every muscle group in the body, which is beneficial to your overall health.
  • Weight training. Contrary to what most fitness buffs believe, weight training isn’t limited to the likes of young bodybuilders. Performed with the correct form and in moderation, weight training can increase your metabolism even as you age.
  • Walking. An all-around task that can be performed daily, brisk walking can help you burn anywhere between 60 and 100 calories a mile. Easy on the joints, walking is an enjoyable exercise that allows you to benefit from the occasional whiff of fresh air.


Staying active as you age isn’t a desire that is well out of reach. The greater you commit to your health goals, the easier it will be for you to incorporate exercise into your daily regimen—retired or not!

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