3 Factors to Look for When Hiring a Personal Trainer

For anyone trying to transform their body with an amazing weight loss journey, it goes without saying that only so much can be achieved until they received the right help. From well-built nutrition programs to proper education, workout guides, and detailed scientific studies, budding fitness buffs, athletes, and iron heads now have many ways to sharpen their skills and see greater results.

Amid the different trends that are coming and going in the fitness industry, there’s one type of help that’s shown to ignite longest-lasting transformations: Personal trainers.

What to watch out for when you hire a personal trainer

If you’ve been meaning to change the way you look and feel, and you now understand that a personal trainer is what you need, then you’ve gotten over the first hurdle. Now it’s time to get over the second hurdle, which is finding the best one.

Finding the best trainer for your needs isn’t difficult because of how scarce they are, but because of how abundant dependent professionals are today! In this article, we will share three factors to look out for when hiring a personal trainer:

1. They recognize the need of each individual client and tweak accordingly

When it comes to transforming human bodies, professional personal trainers should understand that each client bears different peculiarities that must be fully understood before all else.

From interviews to full-on inspections, expert trainers use any and every available resource to best understand the individual needs of each client to spark the best and most effective transformation possible. The best way to see a trainer’s ability to adapt programs to a client’s specific needs is to check out any past workout plans while going over how they were built and what sets them apart from other programs!

2. They have the certifications to back up their skills

As opposed to “trainers” and “gurus” that solely rely on Instagram followings and improper science to back up their credibility, reliable and legitimate professionals have the necessary certifications to show their abilities. From NSCA and ACSM recognitions to diplomas in nutrition, kinesiology, additional documents and education will act as testimonials to the overall trustworthiness that professional trainer brings with them!

3. They know how to listen

One of the quickest ways to learn more about whether or not a trainer is the right one for you is to pay attention to the way that they talk.

If a trainer goes on about how “I did this” and “I have that” instead of asking about how you’ve been feeling or what your goals are, then you’re better off elsewhere. While it may not seem like much, the ability to listen is an invaluable skill that any professional trainer should be able to have because the transformation process itself is a give-and-take experience!


With the right personal trainer, you can successfully turn your body into your envisioned figure without running into any mistakes or jeopardizing your progress and health along the way. By searching for a trainer to work with while keeping the essential qualities mentioned above in mind, you’ll be able to start your journey well and make sure that you’re set to experience a worthwhile transformation in no time!

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Chad has been my personal trainer for over 10 years.  He is very dedicated and resourceful as a trainer.  I would highly recommend Chad.  He has kept my body healthy through all these years and in my 50s. Chad is also very accommodating to working with your schedule. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Joan C

I love working out with Chad! I have been working out with him for the past year and a half and have had the best results compared with other trainers. Chad’s dedication to his clients, humor, warmth and expertise are a winning combination. I look forward to our sessions and always leave feeling stronger, more flexible and energetic. I highly recommend Chad.

Brittany chick

I have been working with Chad (the trainer) for almost three years now and have gone through an amazing transformation! He bonds greatly with his clients and is a very qualified trainer. He tailors workouts to individual clients and has helped me perform better as an equestrian and achieve my physique goals. If you are looking for a great one-on-one trainer, I would highly recommend.

Yvonne C.