5 Tips for Better Results With Your Personal Trainer – Our Guide

While everyone starts from a different place, there is no such thing as an easy fitness journey. Everyone has their own challenges to overcome and their own pace to follow. However, there is one comforting truth about every fitness journey: it gets easier the more you do it.

While it is hard in the beginning, there are mistakes people commit (outside of bad form) that can make it unnecessarily difficult. Hiring a personal trainer can tackle many of these concerns, but it can still leave a few problems unaddressed. With that in mind, here are some tips for getting better results with your one-on-one training:

1. Gauge the chemistry between you and your trainer.

The beginnings of a fitness journey can make you feel vulnerable and embarrassed, and that’s why it’s good to find a fitness trainer who you can trust with these feelings of shame and vulnerability. A good fitness trainer should be able to push you past what you thought were your limits without making you feel inadequate.

2. Have a discussion about your goals and limitations with your trainer.

A skilled personal trainer can tailor a fitness regimen depending on your needs and goals. If you have a specific goal, like being able to jump higher or having rock-hard abs by the next year, tell your trainer. They can adjust the intensity of the workout accordingly.

Any limitations, such as injuries or physical conditions, must also be communicated in order to prevent further injury.

3. Get to know your body.

It’s also good to familiarize yourself with the workout you’ve been given. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about why you’re doing a specific exercise. What muscle does this exercise? How will this improve my daily activities? Should it hurt like that?

The more well-versed you are about your body, the better results you can get from your fitness journey. Your trainer should be able to do more than just assign workouts for you to do arbitrarily.

4. Ask your trainer to mix up your workouts.

There are countless forms of exercise, with countless different exercises designed to develop certain muscles. Trying a variety of different exercises, in the beginning, will allow you to test which muscles need work and which muscles already have some development. It can also reveal underlying problems that wouldn’t have come up in any other circumstances.

Once you’ve sufficiently performed the different exercises, your personal trainer should be able to create a workout program that is appropriate for your body.

5. Adjust your timeline accordingly.

While it is important to have goals and aspirations, they may change for whatever reason, be this a developing injury, a change in physiology, and so on. Six months to have toned abs as an overweight person, for example, might not be a realistic timeline.

It’s important to set realistic goals on your fitness journey, because more realistic goals can give you a better sense of achievement. It may be that you’re starting from a low point in your physical fitness, and that’s perfectly fine. Everybody has to start somewhere.


A personal trainer should feel like an essential ally on your way to your physical fitness goals. It is more than just a business transaction. It is a relationship that must be built with trust and communication, and that trust and communication must go both ways.

For more information on personal trainers and one-on-one training in Wellesley, MA, talk to us at The Fit Factor PT. We have the resources and expertise needed to create the perfect workout plan for you!

Chad has been my personal trainer for over 10 years.  He is very dedicated and resourceful as a trainer.  I would highly recommend Chad.  He has kept my body healthy through all these years and in my 50s. Chad is also very accommodating to working with your schedule. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Joan C

I love working out with Chad! I have been working out with him for the past year and a half and have had the best results compared with other trainers. Chad’s dedication to his clients, humor, warmth and expertise are a winning combination. I look forward to our sessions and always leave feeling stronger, more flexible and energetic. I highly recommend Chad.

Brittany chick

I have been working with Chad (the trainer) for almost three years now and have gone through an amazing transformation! He bonds greatly with his clients and is a very qualified trainer. He tailors workouts to individual clients and has helped me perform better as an equestrian and achieve my physique goals. If you are looking for a great one-on-one trainer, I would highly recommend.

Yvonne C.