3 Tips for Better Workouts Sessions During the Holidays

With fall in full swing, it seems like life is changing for the better, even with COVID-19 still holding back the opportunity to live normally again. This is especially true when it comes to exercise.

With temperatures being friendlier for morning and midday runs and gyms re-opening, there’s something about the season of cold, crisp, and fresh air that makes getting in shape so much easier. Although fall itself may be associated with a much more reflective time of year, any optimistic fitness buff will see that it’s also the perfect time to get fitness back in full swing.

A few tips for better fall season workouts

As you pack your items, go over your program, and think about your nutrition for the upcoming months, however, you may be lost over how you can stay in the best shape during fall. Thankfully, we’ve got a few essential pointers that you can use to make the most out of your upcoming fitness routine:

Tip #1: Start exercising outdoors

For many people, working out is something associated with tight indoor spaces, clanking, and loud music. However, with the weather being perfect, missing out on the opportunity to break a sweat outdoors would be unfortunate.

If you want a sudden change in scenery to help you feel invigorated to start pushing for more reps, more sets, and more progress, then you should consider exercising in the outdoors. For instance, swapping your treadmill cardio for some hiking and running or moving your kettlebells outside for more flow work are great ways to switch things up!

Once you start taking your workouts outside, it’s safe to say that your sweat sessions will get a refresh that they need in no time!

Tip #2: Switch up your routine with something exciting to learn

After quite some time, playing around with the same pieces of equipment, taking on the same routines, and doing the same workouts will become monotonous and boring. Fortunately, a guaranteed way to keep your motivation levels at an all-time-high is to switch things up in your workout routine with something new.

If you’ve been lifting weights or doing yoga and nothing else, here are a few other exercises that you can start learning by yourself so that you don’t get bored when working out:

  • Animal flow workouts
  • Kettlebell training
  • Shadowboxing
  • Tai chi
  • Barre workouts
  • Tabata or HIIT-based programs
  • CrossFit

Tip #3: Take the time to restructure your program for new goals

During the fall season, you might be worried about being unable to follow through with your fitness goals or get fit enough to survive through the month-long eating sessions.

Nevertheless, you can use this time to re-evaluate what you can do next and how you can double-down on your efforts to get in even more excellent shape by reworking your program. With the help of a professional coach or trainer—such as the dedicated team members at The Fit Factor PT—you can have a customized training plan that will help you take your results and performance to the next level!


Now that fall is in full swing, there’s no better time to double-down on your fitness routine than today, especially when you have the right tips and tricks in mind. By considering the necessary details mentioned above, you can ensure that your training remains as exciting and engaging as possible to stay motivated even during the holidays!

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